Prime Tuple Database

Find primes tuples nearby

Exporting tuples

Use tuples.php?[kind]=[k]&p=[page](todo 1)
(show like git spt_list.php (todo 2 correct) )
(or like spt_list.php (todo 3 correct) ) , where

  • kind is spt, stpt or tpt
  • k is the order of the tuple and number of primes in the tuple
  • k used to be number of pairs, which was confusing
  • page is integer 0, 1, 2...
  • add &cp for compact view
  • add &ln for clickable html output

Stable batch: (todo)
Batch list in work: counter(todo)
Batch list by user: counter(todo ???)
(need make caching result)

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